Collab.Land Update #1

Early days for tokenized communities...


We’re thrilled to see you join our newsletter and support Collab.Land’s efforts to develop and enrich tokenized communities.

Collab.Land revolutionizes community engagement by allowing users to control access to chatrooms through bots and token distributions. Token networks allow people to coordinate through a common incentive layer, adding a social context to these digital assets that historically only held financial value.

Collab.Land Today Offers:

  • Token Permissioned Chat Access ✅

  • Airdrop Distribution ✅

  • Telegram Compatible ✅

  • Discord Compatible ✅

These are the first of many features to come!

Since our launch in early August, Collab.Land has grown from 50 members in a single Telegram group to ~400 groups with over 40,000 users, all organic growth.

We are fascinated by the variety of incentives developed by the community such as Karma DAO, $JAMM, WHALE, and FWB. Our average daily volume of tokens surpassed $12 million during September. The combined USD market cap of tokens participating in Collab.Land groups exceeds $100 million.

While we enjoy watching our numbers climb, we are still in the very early stages. We want to provide perspective on where we are, where we’re going, and how you can participate. This newsletter will keep you updated and in touch with Collab.Land’s core community. 

We envision a robust platform for  communities to customize their own token incentives that align with their mission and goals. Our design is intentionally blockchain and platform agnostic to provide maximum opportunity for creative innovation for new “meta” social networks. 

We encourage active users, contributors and creators to voice their opinions. The future direction of the platform is entirely up to you. Collab.Land was built by and for the community. We need your help to expand the product suite to define new verticals that will support crypto-native audiences and create a gateway for mainstream adoption.

Our project’s growth and potential relies on your participation. 

Thank you for pushing the future of human collaboration!

~The Collab.Land Team

What’s New?

This week we shipped an update in Discord role config and a way to access notifications. Find all the updates IRT here!

How to get involved.

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